Architectural design and consulting services for the challenges of the digital construction industry.

Geometria is a modern architectural design office and a pioneer in addressing the challenges of complex construction through computational design.


With substantial expertise and extensive experience, we integrate the realms of complex architecture, construction, automating design tools, and digital fabrication techniques.


Our mission is to redefine architectural possibilities in the digital age through innovative approaches.


Sustainable architecture with a Nordic Touch

Geometria specializes in creating inspiring and practical architectural designs with a modern vision. Our unique expertise allows us to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences.


Expert Building Information Modeling and Computational Design

At Geometria, we excel in providing insightful consultation services. Our focus lies in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Computational Design (CD). By leveraging advanced computational design methods, we tailor solutions to automate design processes and swiftly adapt to changes. With expertise in precise fabrication modeling, we are adept at bringing diverse design solutions to life, from production to fabrication.


Our collaboration extends to architectural firms, engineers, contractors, and manufacturers, where we offer valuable consultation services in the realms of digital design and fabrication.

Nokia Arena

Modelling complex curved facades for manufacture and assembly

Precision Fabrication Data Creation

Geometria specializes in crafting demanding geometries for digital fabrication. By employing accurate fabrication modeling and customized tools for machine-specific toolpath export, we ensure precision in the fabrication process.


Our expertise enables the efficient automation of fabrication data export, even for designs comprising hundreds or even thousands of different pieces. This guarantees accuracy and scalability in the manufacturing process.

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