Mingmen exhibition pavilion in Guangzhou





Architectural design

GEOMETRIA’s architectural intentions take full benefits of the new digital design methodologies, providing unique and sophisticated design solutions.

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Design consultancy

Our mission is to enable our clients to achieve their complex design goals and realize their ideas cost-effectively.
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Research & Development

We research, teach and develop cutting edge digital design procedures, structures and fabrication methodologies as part of our commercial practice as well as in academia.

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Parametric modeling

The use of parametric 3D-modeling and various programming methods allows us to generate and model complex patterns, forms and structures that are easy to control, as well as highly accurate for digital fabrication purposes.
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System design

We design adaptable component-based systems that allow for a high level of customization in order to realize complex shapes and structures with minimum amount of different building elements.
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BIM / Project data exchange

We are experienced in exchanging and linking data in multiple ways and with different design and fabrication software, operating in all levels of BIM.
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Optimization through various performance-based, geometric or cost-related criteria helps our clients to achieve the best results and save money in material and fabrication costs.
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Simulation of structural or environmental performance, or fabrication procedures, supports the design and facilitates decision making.
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We offer high quality architectural and product design visualizations to illustrate the design.
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Fabrication modeling

Our modeling techniques provide precise and accurate models that are ready for fabrication utilizing various fabrication methods and materials.

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Assembly design

We will develop rational assembly procedures and create accurate and informative documentation that are required in the construction of non-standard shapes and structures.

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Fabrication data creation

We are well prepared to provide and exchange fabrication data in numerous different formats for multiple different fabrication machines.

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