GEOMETRIA implements precision parametric CAD modeling, which enables the realization of non-standard building elements. The detailed CAD model contains the needed information for fabrication purposes, and is specifically constructed to meet the project’s manufacturing and construction processes.


GEOMETRIA has a wide network of fabrication experts, which we utilize in order for you to meet your production requirements. We have extensive knowledge in different types of production technologies, materials and fabrication data exchange processes.

prototype element


Complex designs often require project specific and rational assembly concepts, procedures and instructions. GEOMETRIA specializes in solving manufacturing processes and the generation of accurate and informative documentation for construction.


With process automation, we can accurately create hundreds of pages of information to go with the digital fabrication data. These can aid the quality control of fabrication and element assembly.

Element with coding


GEOMETRIA generates digital fabrication data in various formats, so there is no need for any remodeling of building parts in the fabrication stage. We work closely together with manufacturers to find the best fabrication workflows.

Mortise + tenon