GEOMETRIA provides a wide range of architectural design services. Especially our expertise in digital design methods enables us to offer various innovative design solutions. We can design professionally on many levels and confidently utilize our knowledge in architecture, engineering, interior design as well as digital fabrication. We believe that by combining creative conceptual thinking with digital design methodologies we can provide improved design results.

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As the building industry is growing more complex and digital workflows encompass every aspect of it, GEOMETRIA is dedicated to improve the flexibility and implementation of design processes and a more fluent information exchange. Our expertise in algorithm-aided design and parametric modeling, as well as in digital fabrication methodologies enables you to achieve your complex design goals, offering the link between the design and fabrication processes.


With our large variety of services, GEOMETRIA can serve and support your needs in all phases of the design and construction processes. Our mission is to handle and solve complex geometries and structures, with precision and cost-effectively.


In order for our customers to receive the cutting edge knowledge on digital fabrication, GEOMETRIA is actively researching and developing new digital design processes, tools, structures and fabrication methodologies. Through our expert team of architects, we are heavily involved in teaching computational design and parametric modeling in Universities in Finland, and have held design and fabrication workshops in Europe and Asia.


GEOMETRIA has a large variety of co-operators in many industry fields and is well connected with the leading professionals in the field of digital design and architecture. Ranging from product design to software creation, and to the development of new building component systems. Uur development team can get you the best results in design, fabrication or automation.