Geometria offers comprehensive consulting services for complex architectural designs, ensuring accurate and reliable execution of challenging construction projects.


Our holistic approach combines various aspects of digital design automation to provide versatile solutions. We specialize in Computational Design, Building Information Modeling (BIM), and have extensive experience in handling complex large-scale projects

Selected consultation projects

Nokia Arena

Modelling complex curved facades for manufacture and assembly
Nokia Arena DfMA process

Fabrication modeling


We create precise data models that facilitate seamless collaboration among diverse stakeholders in the construction industry. These models serve as a solid foundation for production and assembly. Our Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) approach guides the implementation of intricate projects from the design phase to production and on-site construction.


Computational design


Automation is at the core of our work, achieved through computational design methods and parametric modeling. By creating program snippets, we automate routine tasks and tackle complex modeling processes. Design automation enhances our efficiency, improving the effectiveness of repetitive design routines.

Drawing production


We utilize production-accurate modeling, and automate the generation of drawing documentation using algorithmic processes. From shop drawings and diverse assembly drawings to construction site installation drawings, we can produce hundreds or even thousands of drawings faster and with greater precision compared to traditional methods.

Digital fabrication data

Guided by the production-accurate data model, we input necessary machining data into the production process using various methods. This includes automatic tailoring of dimensioned machine shop drawings for numerous parts or exporting machining data directly to the machine as tool path code.

For demanding wooden structures, we strive to digitally transfer pieces directly to production equipment. For example Hundegger’s BVX and BVN file formats for Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) or log structures.

Bastion Brielle X timber structure’s modeling and fabrication data

Selected fabrication projects

Trust Geometria to provide comprehensive consulting services for your complex architectural projects, ensuring precise and reliable execution through the efficient integration of digital design automation.