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Geometria Architecture Ltd is an innovative architectural practice located in Finland, with offices in Helsinki and Tampere. Geometria provides inspirational architecture, flexible collaboration with our partners and solutions to complex fabrication and realization challenges.



Architecture office Geometria offers inspirational architectural design services internationally,
both for public and private customers.

Our working method is collaborative and research-based. We want to include clients, stakeholders and experts early in the creative process to be able to realize ambitious projects on-budget and on-time.

What sets us apart from many other architectural practices, is that we also offer services to other architects, engineers and builders in the fields of parametric modelling, algorithm aided design and digital fabrication. Geometria empowers architects, designers, engineers, constructors and manufacturers to realize their complex design goals, by utilizing the cutting edge of digital technologies.



Geometria`s architects are pioneers in realizing complex geometries and non-standard structures.

We want to collaborate and support designers in bringing their ideas to life. We implement precision parametric 3D modelling and computational design, which enables and simplifies the realization of non-standard designs. Through Geometria´s expertise in parametric planning, you can extend your design capabilities and solve complex challenges.

Helsinki office

Address: Tehtaankatu 29 A, 00150 Helsinki, Finland 

Head of office: Markus Wikar

Mail: markus.wikar@geometria.fi

Phone: +358 50 552 7427

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/markus-wikar-1390aab/

Tampere office

Address: Aleksis Kiven katu 20 A2, 3krs, 33210 Tampere, Finland 

Head of office: Toni Österlund

Mail: toni.osterlund@geometria.fi

Phone:+358 40 508 6780

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/toni-österlund-5778bb15a/

WeChat ID: toniosterlund_55555


Lisa Voigtländer

Mail: lisa.voigtlander@geometria.fi

Phone:+358 41 7004779


Geometria Architecture Ltd
VAT FI27605608
Y-tunnus 2760560-8

Address: Tehtaankatu 29 A, 00150 Helsinki, Finland 

Mail: info@geometria.fi | firstname.lastname@geometria.fi

Phone:+358 50 552 7427


Operator: OpusCapita Group Oy – Itella (003710948874) 
Address: 003727605608
OVT code: 003727605608


Operator: OKOYFIHH
Address: FI8357804120065195
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